Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vintage Houndstooth Ralph Lauren Bag!!

material : High Quality Houndstooth fabric. Chrome engraved word 'Lauren' at the front flap.

Comfort length for shoulder sling

Magnetic open. Has 2 different slot compartments inside for easy storage.

98% New!! Wear Twice only... Still has label tag intact at the bag...
Brand: Authentic Polo Ralph Lauren
Bag Size: 9" x 9"
Handle : 12"
Condition : Excellent!! Perfect!
Interested? Place your order now..First come first serve..

Letting go at ONLY RM80!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preloved: Satin casual blazer ~ Only RM14 !!

*contoh pemakaian yg pernah sy gayakan ~ 

Code : Nov22
Brand: No
Size: Free (Fits till UK10)
Condition very very good. Almost new! ~ Wear once only...!
Color : Peachy Pink
Material: Satin with lining.
only RM14

Preloved: penelope donna brown shirt

Code : Nov21
Brand: Penelope Donna
Size: M (Fits to UK10)
Condition very very good.
Color : Light sandy brown
Material: Cotton with stripes textured line.
only RM10

Friday, November 18, 2011

BRAND NEW : essentials by Primark - pyjamas for women

NEW with tag!!
Code : Nov20
Brand: essentials by PRIMARK (bought in London)
Size: M (Fits M to L)
Condition very very good - new item
Color : pink stripe metallic grey
Material: Cotton slightly thick - perfect for air-conditioned bedroom :))

Preloved : Atmosphere Blue top

Code : Nov19
Brand: atmosphere (bought in London)
Size: M (Fits S to small L)
Condition good but color dah fade skit - no defect
Color : blue
Material: Cotton stretch yg sgt lembut

Preloved : Lovely top

Code : Nov18
Brand: No
Size: Free (Fits S to L)
Condition very good
Color : light turquoise - mcm kaler tiffany 
Material: Cotton stretch/cotton lycra yg lembut dan sejuk....sgt selesa
only RM10

Preloved : Short Denim Skirt

Code : Nov17
Brand: no
Size: M
Condition very good
Color : denim blue cantik - ada embroidery design bunga cun di depan dan belakang skirt
Material: Denim
only RM9

Preloved : TRF by ZARA shirt

Code : Nov16
Brand: trf by ZARA
Size: M (Fits S to M)
Condition fair - color fade at few areas (buat pakai di rumah je lah)
Color : grey with gold metallic words

Material: Cotton stretch
only RM4

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Preloved : ZARA basics brown shirt

Code : Nov15
Brand: ZARA
Size: S (Fits XS to small M)
Condition very good
Color : brown

Material: Cotton
only RM12

Preloved : Atmosphere Purple top

Code : Nov14
Brand: atmosphere (bought in london)
Size: M (Fits S to L)
Condition very very good
Color : Purple

Material: Cotton tshirt

Preloved : Smocking tube dress

Code : Nov13
Brand: No
Size: M (Fits S to L) * length skirt sampai bawah lutut...
Condition very good
Color : Orange

Material: Cotton
only RM9

Preloved : Sarah Jessica Parker pastel green top

Code : Nov12
Brand: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker
Size: M (Fits S to M)
Condition good
Color : Pastel light green

Material: Cotton

Preloved : Chiffon cardi top with lace

Code : Nov11
No brand
Size: M (Fits M to XL)
Condition very good - must wear inner sbb jarang
Color : cream

Material: Chiffon
only RM9

Preloved : G2000 Blouse

Code : Nov10
Size: M (Fits S to M)
Condition very very good
Color : off white
only RM12


Preloved : Chic Blouse

Code : Nov09
Size: M (Fits S to M)
Condition very good
Color : white
only RM9

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Preloved: Dorothy Perkins Short sleeve Cardi

Code: NOV01
Fits size: S/M
Brand: Dorothy perkins
Material : Knit
color/: red
condition: Very good
Only RM19!!
Bought at rm100++

Preloved: Forever21 dress

Code: NOV02
Fits size: M
Condition: Very good!!
Material: Soft stretchable cotton!! very cooling material....soft & smooth...

Preloved: White shirt

Code: NOV03
Fits size: M/L
Material cotton with lace piping at the sleeve and below..
condition: perfect!
only RM8!

Preloved: Paisley net top

Code: NOV04
Fits size : S
*need to wear inner sebab jarang, sheer netting material...
Condition: very good
Only at RM6!

Preloved: G2000 Women black top

Code: NOV05
Fits size: S/M
Color: black
Condition: Very good
Only RM8!

Preloved : Cotton brown dress

Code: NOV06
Fits size : S/M
Condition : Very good -Almost like new (no tear, no stain, no fade)
Color : dark brown
Only RM10

Preloved : Abercrombie Blue Top

*contoh pemakaian -actual baju

Code: NOV07
Fits size : S
Condition : Very good
COlor: navy blue
* wide neck
Only RM8!!

Preloved Polka dot kemeja - RM12 shj!!

Code: NOV08
Size : S/M
Condition : Perfect
Color: Black with tiny dot purple - sgt cun!!
Only RM12!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chiffon Feminine Blouse - Short sleeve

Chiffon blouse in Black - with full lining...
Sash sewn together..with lovely beads at front...
Satin pleated details on front chest feminine yet chic!
Condition : perfect - no defect...seldom wear
Length - approx 60cm (menutupi paras pinggul)
Nice to wear with legging / skinny pants
Saiz : Fits Medium size
Price: RM14 (bought at rm50 plus)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New In Box!! Oxford Fringe Shoes - Fits Size 6

This oxford shoes is brand NEW! Bought from an online store but unfortunately couldn't fit me :(
Size here : 38 (But fit Vincci 6) I'm wearing size 7 - normally 38 will fit me but sadly this one smaller by one size...So, u size 6 ppl, pls hurry - only 1 pair ready stock...never worn, NEW...and still in box..
Colour : Nude Brown (pls refer 1st pic above)
Condition: Perfectly New! and In Box
Price to let go : RM60  (bought at rm63) exclude postage
NOW ONLY RM38 !!! Promo!! 

Below are some example of celebrities wearing oxford shoes....and of course, our very own Scha AlYahya..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Essentials - Flowery Cotton Blouse

Brand : Essentials
Size : M
Condition : Like New! Wear once only!
Letting go at :SOLD

MNG - 'untamed heart' top

Brand : MNG
Size : S/M
Condition : Very good - i dah washed n soaked in varnish more stain....:)
letting go at : sold

SODA - Sleeveless Red Top at only RM7!!

Brand : SODA
Condition : Very good
Colour : Red
Size : S/M
Letting go at only : RM7

SEED - Knitted Top 3/4 Sleeve

Brand : SEED
Condition : Good
Colour : Light Brown as pic
Size : Fits S to small M
Style : V neck and 3 quarter sleeve.
Selling at : SOLD

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dorothy Perkins - Bubble Sleeve Cardigan

Size : 8UK fits Small to small Medium
Colour : Black
Material : Knitted cotton
Condition : Good
Selling at : RM18