Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preloved: Satin casual blazer ~ Only RM14 !!

*contoh pemakaian yg pernah sy gayakan ~ 

Code : Nov22
Brand: No
Size: Free (Fits till UK10)
Condition very very good. Almost new! ~ Wear once only...!
Color : Peachy Pink
Material: Satin with lining.
only RM14

Preloved: penelope donna brown shirt

Code : Nov21
Brand: Penelope Donna
Size: M (Fits to UK10)
Condition very very good.
Color : Light sandy brown
Material: Cotton with stripes textured line.
only RM10

Friday, November 18, 2011

BRAND NEW : essentials by Primark - pyjamas for women

NEW with tag!!
Code : Nov20
Brand: essentials by PRIMARK (bought in London)
Size: M (Fits M to L)
Condition very very good - new item
Color : pink stripe metallic grey
Material: Cotton slightly thick - perfect for air-conditioned bedroom :))

Preloved : Atmosphere Blue top

Code : Nov19
Brand: atmosphere (bought in London)
Size: M (Fits S to small L)
Condition good but color dah fade skit - no defect
Color : blue
Material: Cotton stretch yg sgt lembut

Preloved : Lovely top

Code : Nov18
Brand: No
Size: Free (Fits S to L)
Condition very good
Color : light turquoise - mcm kaler tiffany 
Material: Cotton stretch/cotton lycra yg lembut dan sejuk....sgt selesa
only RM10

Preloved : Short Denim Skirt

Code : Nov17
Brand: no
Size: M
Condition very good
Color : denim blue cantik - ada embroidery design bunga cun di depan dan belakang skirt
Material: Denim
only RM9

Preloved : TRF by ZARA shirt

Code : Nov16
Brand: trf by ZARA
Size: M (Fits S to M)
Condition fair - color fade at few areas (buat pakai di rumah je lah)
Color : grey with gold metallic words

Material: Cotton stretch
only RM4

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Preloved : ZARA basics brown shirt

Code : Nov15
Brand: ZARA
Size: S (Fits XS to small M)
Condition very good
Color : brown

Material: Cotton
only RM12

Preloved : Atmosphere Purple top

Code : Nov14
Brand: atmosphere (bought in london)
Size: M (Fits S to L)
Condition very very good
Color : Purple

Material: Cotton tshirt

Preloved : Smocking tube dress

Code : Nov13
Brand: No
Size: M (Fits S to L) * length skirt sampai bawah lutut...
Condition very good
Color : Orange

Material: Cotton
only RM9

Preloved : Sarah Jessica Parker pastel green top

Code : Nov12
Brand: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker
Size: M (Fits S to M)
Condition good
Color : Pastel light green

Material: Cotton

Preloved : Chiffon cardi top with lace

Code : Nov11
No brand
Size: M (Fits M to XL)
Condition very good - must wear inner sbb jarang
Color : cream

Material: Chiffon
only RM9

Preloved : G2000 Blouse

Code : Nov10
Size: M (Fits S to M)
Condition very very good
Color : off white
only RM12


Preloved : Chic Blouse

Code : Nov09
Size: M (Fits S to M)
Condition very good
Color : white
only RM9

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Preloved: Dorothy Perkins Short sleeve Cardi

Code: NOV01
Fits size: S/M
Brand: Dorothy perkins
Material : Knit
color/: red
condition: Very good
Only RM19!!
Bought at rm100++

Preloved: Forever21 dress

Code: NOV02
Fits size: M
Condition: Very good!!
Material: Soft stretchable cotton!! very cooling material....soft & smooth...

Preloved: White shirt

Code: NOV03
Fits size: M/L
Material cotton with lace piping at the sleeve and below..
condition: perfect!
only RM8!

Preloved: Paisley net top

Code: NOV04
Fits size : S
*need to wear inner sebab jarang, sheer netting material...
Condition: very good
Only at RM6!

Preloved: G2000 Women black top

Code: NOV05
Fits size: S/M
Color: black
Condition: Very good
Only RM8!

Preloved : Cotton brown dress

Code: NOV06
Fits size : S/M
Condition : Very good -Almost like new (no tear, no stain, no fade)
Color : dark brown
Only RM10

Preloved : Abercrombie Blue Top

*contoh pemakaian -actual baju

Code: NOV07
Fits size : S
Condition : Very good
COlor: navy blue
* wide neck
Only RM8!!

Preloved Polka dot kemeja - RM12 shj!!

Code: NOV08
Size : S/M
Condition : Perfect
Color: Black with tiny dot purple - sgt cun!!
Only RM12!!